How To Stay Positive

In a world where challenges and stress can hit you on a daily basis, whether it be emotionally, financially, at home or at work, it is always of utmost importance to first keep your head cool. Not everything will go your way and there are things you need to come to terms with. Realising that one's own problems are, at the end of the day, insignificant compared to others who are going through a lot worse is one of the main ways to stay positive. Counting your blessings is key to becoming a positive individual. 

Wifey and I have been binge-watching this series called Lucifer, basically about the Devil himself neglecting his duties in Hell and decides to live life among humans. He is always impartial to man's predicaments and never actually depicted as evil, the main thrust of the story-line being that it is human free-will that actually leads people to do bad. Currently on episode 9, Lucifer succumbs to some worldly stress and lashes out to God in an emotional scene where he shouts to the skies, "Follow the rules and you fall, go against the rules and you lose. So what is the bloody point?".

Good question, and I don't think anyone has an answer to that. Is life really about staying positive all the time? At the risk of going into too deep or philosophical a post, let me close out by just saying that life is always what you make of it. Make it into something meaningful, and it becomes exactly that. Treat it as something that is a daily headache, and you create something that becomes utterly unbearable. If you are having a particularly bad day or week and just happened to read this, I wish you the best in coping with whatever difficulties you may be going through.

- ZP