How To Rap and Keep Rapping

There's been some new local emcees emerging lately and it's great to see this happening. Here are some that have caught my attention and I'll give a little brief on why:

Wacko Genius

Wacko has this unique style of blending rap verses with catchy visuals to get his message across. I dig his lazy flow as it matches really well with his beats, and the beats are on point too! He is heavy on content, touching on topics like apathy within Brunei society. Peep his latest track Slaves which features Azizi Sabri.

Freezle & Eddie

This duo has released a radio hit with their song Coco. Formulating trap beats that are catchy and easy listening, they make Malay rap fun. They envision being part of larger collective they call KR8F Movement and that's a dope imitative, bringing other talents such as DJs, graphic artists, dancers into their team.

Jaymie Foo

Dubbing himself as Chocolate Chinese, he is monstrous on his Malay verses. Content after content I like how he tries out new styles and talks about some seriously funny subject matter, such as on Blue Tick. Peep an entry he did for a regional online competition called the 32 Bar Challenge.

Young Rul

Probably the most low-key one on this list, I've known of YR from a few years back. He dropped a mixtape online recently and that's something all aspiring rap acts should do, just to put out body of works to build up their profile. Check out his track Last Time which features my veteran Brunei rapper / entrepreneur The Kro.

It’s always exciting when a scene starts to generate more content organically and it’s up the audience to sift through the song offerings and decide who to follow and keep an eye on. I hope there will be more rap creatives that can start their own buzz whether it be online, social media or radio. I wish all the above the best in the pursuit of keeping Brunei Hip-Hop alive and any individual endeavors. Anytime any one needs any bit of advice or a helping hand, you know where to hit me up (IG zed.peace).

- ZP