How To Write a Radio Hit

The song has to be catchy. It has to be meaningful. It has to leave a strong impression on the listeners.

But it cannot be too deep. Shouldn't be long-winded. Shouldn't give an impression that you are trying too hard to make it sound 'radio-friendly'.

So where is the balance?

The art of radio-song writing can be very intricate, you have to take into account the mood of the people, trend of the day and ultimately the commercial environment during the release period. One has to study all these factors in order to be successful and not put out a release that will be purely seasonal and easily forgotten.

A lot of times it will be trial and error. Feel-good songs usually work nicely for a Summer release. Deep and thought-provoking songs usually can have an impact for Fall. Up-beat party songs for Spring. Cold songs about heartbreak and tragedy for the Winter.

Brunei is currently experiencing a hot spell at the moment, coupled with an unfavourable economic situation, not the best time for a music product release. But come May-June, when we enter the rainy season and when people cool down after a tough first half of the year, I believe it'll be an ideal time for a release. Something uplifting that all listeners can reflect and relate to, and generally enjoy together with friends and family. A song that evokes inspiration and hope.

Here are some pictures from last week's show at The Collective's Makerspace, Batu Besurat.

The good folks at DIG are putting together a video from the set we did, can't wait to share it out.

- ZP