How to Organise a Tour

Sorry for the lack of updates. Promised myself I'd try to update / blog at least twice a month. I am afterall paying $16 a month for this.  

I would just like to confirm that I am working on an album. Don't have a name for it yet, but some of the songs are there already. Might be premature but I am planning for a Sept-Oct release for this if everything goes through.

My plan with the album is to organise a tour with ticketed sales. These would be the ideal steps for this:

1. Identify the venues / dates
Try to lock down the venues that are within your budget range if they can provide decent sound + stage equipment to complement your show. In Brunei, general locations would be Gadong, Kiulap, Seria and KB. No wedding halls this time. Any location that can accomodate 100-150 pax is good enough.

2. Identify other acts to bring along during the tour
Although you are headlining, bring in other acts so it won't be a lone performance and to fill up the space on poster. Make sure the acts get a cut off the pie too!

3. Identify your performance set
Put together a solid show for 45 minutes with a 10 minute break in between. The idea would be to showcase your best work from your album and add in some twists to make the 'live' experience fun to watch: an unplugged version, an acoustic version, a live band version etc. In any case, the focus should be on this. Try to make something that is worth buying a ticket for.

4. Identify any merchandise to sell (Optional)
Together with the album that you'll sell during the show which people may or not buy, you can get also order some t-shirts and caps, which people may or may not buy.

5. Identify the commercials
Once the above has been sorted out, work out the costings and expenses to put all this together. Let's say you work out a deal so each venue costs you roughly around $800 per night, and you locked down 4 of these. That's $3200. Together with other side expenses such as promotional material, lets tally it out to $4000. If each venue can accommodate up to 150 pax and that's 4 venues, you'll need to sell the tickets at $6.60 to break even. Let's bring it up to $10 a ticket assuming you won't get a full house each night. That's $6000 in expected revenue. Pay off the $4000, and voila! You made a cool $2000 to share with your comrades.

See what I did there? 0_0

On another note, I'm doing a show on the 16th for Do It Good Records at there new store opening. Show starts after 8.30. Come through.

- ZP