As artists we each have are own eccentricities so it is only natural that we will get along well with some and become awkward with others. In music you will always find the need to work with other musicians, or when someone reaches out to you, all with the intent of working on new music together. A song venture may lead to a potential commercial venture, but at the start of it, the question that poses itself is whether the two have any chemistry together. You will only know once you start to sit down and begin discussing ideas, brainstorming and getting down and dirty with them. And from there, true friendships and camaraderie are built which I'm sure a lot will agree, is where the real value is, regardless if the collaborative project becomes a success or not.

So to all interested in keeping the music industry alive, never turn down a fellow artists plight to work with you. Keep the communication open and you will never know what benefits both can reap out of it.

I am off for holidays, but when I'm back I plan to share a small project I was working on: RFIII.