How to sell your music

I read that artists no longer make money from CD sales. With the trend of digital platforms for listeners to stream and purchase music, there has been a great debate whether physical albums are even worth putting out other than for sentimental value. Then again I think people just don't see the need to pay for songs anymore. Myself included.

Still it's always cool to have CDs around. So on that note, I have just finished working on my Ramadan Flow 3 mixtape. I'm planning to print out copies to see how the market is at the moment, whether people still indeed would buy copies. Printing is not as competitive in Brunei so I don't have much choice if they charge me $3 or $4 per CD. Taking that into account, I don't intend to sell them too high a price. This is an exercise in testing the waters so in the future I can make informed decisions on what to do when a real album is complete, where the objective is to make money.

The songs don't have any particular theme other than the usual things I rap about: life's ups and downs, relationships and general banter. I brought in some new local artists this time around and again big thank you to those who helped me out in this project. Not wanting to go all-out just yet, I plan to organise a mini launch some time soon and maybe have a song on the radios. Point being, whether with the resources and promotion I have so far, will I be able to recoup my expenses and turn a profit? Time will tell.

  - ZP