How to Overcome a Writer's Block

Writer's block is an eventual slowing down of a song-writer's creative momentum. To force yourself to overcome it might result in a waning of the overall creativity of the song or a drop in quality of lyrics. On the other hand to take a break from it all and you end up procrastinating on songs that need to be finished. Listening to more music might give you a bit of inspiration but you end up getting even more overwhelmed and you'll end up losing interest altogether. So what's the solution?

Simple: It's to read. Reading is probably the one way to let your mind relax without stopping the creative juices and ideas from forming. It's the only way to escape the pressure yet still keeping your mind sharp and improve your writing. After a while, you will get back that eagerness to express yourself and before you know the lines will flow out of you naturally. The better the stuff you read, so to will the stuff you write.

So next time you face that dreaded writer's blocks, head over to your local bookshop and pick up something new. Good luck!

- ZP