How To Break Into the Mainstream

I mentioned in my previous post that this mixtape is meant to test the waters. The response has been great, from having sold out my first batch of copies during the launch at The Collective's Makerspace, to having 5 buyers online (Hey, that's a start!) and garnering over 1k+ plays on Bandcamp over the past 6 days of release. One thing I could not quite crack was how to get one of the songs played on radio.

I chose Bintang Jatuh for the track to push out thinking it has mainstream appeal. After submitting the track, I get notified that it didn't get the radio director's approval. I won't try to push any further. It could be song content, song quality or a myriad of other reasons but I've come to take it as an opportunity to try harder when it comes to the single. It is no easy feat to have a song aired out on radio, much less to be able to "chart" following your song release. Especially without backing from a distributor or label who essentially will do the marketing for you.

But once you are able to break into that stage, and have your songs aired on a weekly or daily basis, that's when you will start to build mainstream following and gain a bit of attention. Your success now depends on how you follow up to the initial buzz, whether you are able to live up to your own hype and continue making hit songs, or become known as a one-hit wonder. The best way to avoid the latter is to lay out a clear strategy on how you intend to get from music single release to garnering mainstream appeal, and eventually, building your brand and increasing your market share. As I said, no easy feat.

Before I sign off, would like to wish everyone out there Selamat Hari Raya and have a good one.

- ZP