How to handle beef

The more exposure and attention you get, you will inevitably attract hate and resentment, whether online or by your peers. If by chance you happen to get an outspoken critic of your work, always use to it to your advantage. Chances are the critic, however harsh and blunt his or her words are, has some views that are actually valid. Here are some things you should and should not do:

1) Accept the criticisms, and find ways to improve. Who knows they might even like your next material.
2) Brush it off, move along and continue to put out work anyway.
3) If it's a personal attack on character and integrity, take action: that's libel.

Should not:
1) Take things too seriously. Any attention with regards to your work is generally a good thing. Even if it's hate.
2) Become defensive and try to argue with them, you would have fallen to their trap which leads to an unnecessary feud.
3) Stand your ground by all means, but never show any weakness and self-pity. Read point No. 1.

If all else fails, then take it as a point to re-assess what is it you are trying to achieve by putting out your craft. At the end of the day, only you can stop yourself from achieving something.

- ZP