How To Get Live Sound Right

When thinking about music as a profession, live performances can be considered as the main or defining scope of work within the musician's career. Because of this, a live show is something that requires a great deal of blood, sweat and tears in order to get right. Investing into your live sound, whether it's getting better microphones or equipment, or getting the right sound guy is essential overtime in order to deliver quality music performances to an audience.

Any event manager would have the resources to put together a sound set that can get the job done: sound, stage and lighting - and voila, the live show is good to go. However, more often than not, despite soundchecks to ensure the sound mixes and vocal EQing is carried out, you are bound to encounter last minute hiccups that will spoil the show whether to do with the equipment or other technical difficulties. The performer, however talented they may be, is left disappointed with the way they sound. The audience one way or another just shrugs it off as something that is a norm: flat vocals, muffled sounds or straight up inaudible. So what went wrong? Everything, it would seem.

Don't fret! Take the loss and go back to the drawing boards. Remember, singing live is a skill that gets better with experience. Get together with other like-minded musicians and try to organise your own events, where the sound will be within your control. See what changes you can make at a small scale to improve, and overtime, you will have built the confidence and familiarity in order to woo the audience the next time around.