How to begin this year

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good rest over the holiday period. It is said that 2017 is the year of the start-ups. With ease of access to a lot of new technology and other opportunities, the general workforce of our generation has begun to realise that entrepreneurship rather than employment is the way to go. Being passion-driven is a key factor in ensuring projects can take off and succeed and so we see the advent of more individuals turning into techies / creatives / entrepreneurs venturing into a whole range of fields and businesses.

Gone are the days when one would finish university and land a job and stay there until they retire. There is more fluidity in career paths these days with more people opting to venture in side businesses, despite meaning that they will be on a constant grind. Everyone realises the need to be versatile and multi-disciplined in order to stay ahead. After all these are the traits if one wishes to truly become self-employed. The opportunities are there and plentiful, so perhaps the question to ask yourself now is: what is your start-up?

I wish everyone the best and to stay positive despite the challenges that lay ahead.